Mobile gensets as a source of power energy under extreme conditions

Mobile gensets as a source of power energy under extreme conditions


Prague, January 14, 2020 — A portable alternator / power generator kit is not only a desirable but also a valuable resource. Mobile power stations are being used even in Siberia or Africa. Temporary and long-term applications are mainly in the heating industry, mining, mobile data centers, smart grids, substations or pumping, and cleaning stations. They are also sought as possible solutions in crises – eg. as a source of electricity for hospitals in case of unexpected situations.

“CAT, Perkins, Volvo, Cummins, IVECO, and Atlas Copco are currently the major genset manufacturers. Individual products differ in particular of technical specifications. We are currently planning to introduce the innovative PREX genset. It provides the highest European standards in terms of product quality,” claimed Dmitry Lipovskij, Managing Director of PROFITEX Group.

The principle of genset, or transportable electrical stations, is to provide network-free energy while minimizing the risk of global damage of ecosystems. Because of their use, which most often serves as the primary energy source, these gensets are designed to meet emission standards (Canada and the US have Tier I-III). Genset processes and delivers energy gently (as opposed to coal-fired power plants). The combustion products are filtered. These devices are most often used in areas with the low availability of electric energy, respectively it is disadvantageous to network it there.

Production and international distribution of PREX containers are provided in the Czech Republic. Technical specifications, appearance, design, etc. are adapted according to the customer’s requirements. Their (most often) steel constructions are tested in extreme temperatures, from – 50 ° C up to + 50 ° C. The material, therefore, provides not only reliability and high standard, but also corrosion resistance.

Technological containers can be interconnected into larger units. They can also be designed with fire protection or soundproofed.

Power stations find their greatest use due to their function, especially in construction, assembly centers, manufacturing plants and steelworks, agricultural, mining and oil industries, supermarkets and logistics centers, hotels and recreation centers, petrol stations, military technology, banks, schools, municipal centers, hospitals, energy, etc.

The welding process is certified according to ČSN EN ISO 3834-2: 2006. The company also has a certificate of competence from the manufacturer.