The PREX electric mobile power stations from Hradec Králové are able to extract exhaust gases ecologically

The PREX electric mobile power stations from Hradec Králové are able to extract exhaust gases ecologically


Prague, January 23, 2020 – The reliable PREX container electrical stations, which are designed in Hradec Králové and provide outputs ranging from 500 kW to 3,000 kW, have worldwide potential. In the Czech Republic, not only the production but also the installation of diesel units is possible. Already complete block diesel power stations are subsequently distributed to the whole world, even to remote places of the planet. A specially designed container secures the generator against abnormal natural conditions. Moreover, it maintains the installation and placement of exhaust systems for a powerful electric motor station or the extraction and filtration of air.

“PREX mobile stations are ingenious to the last detail. The acoustic container for power generators provides high-quality protection against vandalism. Effective sound insulation is suitable for placing devices in hotels or recreational areas,” said Dmitrij Lipovskij, managing director of PROFITEX Group. He then added that for extreme conditions, e.g. during winter, the unique customization of these stations is acceptable. “PREX Arctic solution ensures using of equipment even in the harshest Nordic conditions. According to the customer’s needs, we can design the operating room and backup fuel tanks, including ATS,” specified Dmitrij Lipovskij.

For PREX, climatic conditions such as heat, cold, humidity, sand or dust are not an obstacle to their functionality. The container safely protects the generator from damage. Its size is determined according to the customer’s needs or the equipment placed inside. Propositions of container’s maximum could be 25 m × 4,5 m × 4,5 m (the standard size is 2,350 m in width and 2,392 in height – even for transport).

The greatest demand for mobile power devices is, in general, at the construction industry, assembly centers, manufacturing plants, and steel, agricultural, mining, or oil industries. Furthermore, supermarkets, logistics centers, hotels and recreation centers, petrol stations, or buildings, non-hospitals, etc. Depending on the use of electrical stations, more detailed modifications of the devices and its complementarity equipment like operating rooms are commonly adapted in practice (including doors, windows, passages, and connections for routed pipelines, bathtub floors, complete wiring, fixing profiles for external or internal sheathing, etc.). They are usually completely or partially soundproofed and isolated. In terms of internal cladding, the different designs may differ – e. g. zinc plated with perforated sheets.

Production and technical specialists and management in Hradec Králové and Prague take care of production and ensuring the highest quality.

The containers themselves are completely or partially soundproofed and insulated and therefore the most common are placed in generators or heating equipment. Their inner sheathing may vary in individual designs (galvanized with perforated sheets, washable with PE boards, laminated with chipboard or gypsum fiberboards), as well as external varnishing (resistance from C1 to C5) depending on humidity conditions. 5 mm thick sheet metal and security locks provide protection from thieves and vandals.

The “enclosures” of the power devices are available in sizes 20 ‘, 40‘ and 45 ‘and can be certified according to the applicable standards according to ISO 668 and ISO 1496.