We manufacture switchboards for low-voltage substations in various industrial sectors. Deliveries to these segments are specific in design and construction. Deliveries are designed conceptually with regard to the nature of the operation. The switchboards are mounted in steel-sheet cabinets, which through their design comply with the current application requirements for LV substations up to 6,300A.

Container substations are mainly used in remote locations, technological constructions, mining platforms. The design of the container takes into account standard rules or the specific requirements of the customer with respect to dimensions, insulation, statics and dynamic influences, climatic conditions and environmental impact, watertightness, fire resistance, etc.

The entire design process through the production of technological container, paint, assembly and installation takes place on our premises in Hradec Králové.

Control panels are designed to control smaller technological systems or a set of complex automated lines. They include power parts with drive control over a wide range of power via frequency inverters or soft starters.

MaR switchboards (measurement and control) are used for the control of the guidance systems of technological units and production lines, heating and cooling systems, control systems of power generating plants, control systems in wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations or also in the power industry. We manufacture switchboards for measurement and control exclusively to order.


  • project planning
  • analysis, design and implementation studies
  • commercial offer
  • participation in tenders
  • coordination of subcontractors
  • supervision and quality control of subcontractors
  • timetable monitoring
  • projection (CAD, Eplan)
  • completion of all deliveries and subcontracts
  • assembly
  • testing
  • service programs (warranty/post-warranty)

Our team of project managers deals with project management and with coordination of all project activities from planning to final delivery. Our Engineering & Manufacturing division conducts operations mainly in remote parts of the world, so we have great experience working in extreme natural and local areas. Our project team speaks English, Russian and Czech at the native level.

Our “Core Industries” are the oil, food, petrochemical and energy industries. Last but not least, our attention and activities are directed to industrial wastewater treatment plants.

We primarily focus on the integration of the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) system by Rockwell Automation/Allen Bradley. Our team is able to offer complex solutions in the field of programming, designing, replacement or servicing of all series, including run-out or non-standard solutions (ControlLogix, CompactLogix).

Since we are flexible, we do not have a problem concerning delivering and programming other manufacturers such as: Schneider Electric, Siemens or Omron.


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Milan Souček

Milan Souček

Project manager