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Technological containers are produced regarding requirements from the clients. Each of them is unique and conforms to clients’ needs. Thanks to this, the easy implementation of technological tools and devices has been ensured as needed. The installation used to be accomplished directly from the manufacturer of the technology.

Based on the assignment or requirements for size and other parameters of a smart container, we create different types of individual designs. We specialize in the production of containers with sandwich walls, containers for waste disposal from WWTP, containers for transformer stations, containers for biofilters, double floor containers for switchboards boxes, combined containers, interchangeable components or simple containers for storage. Upon request, we can also provide specific adjustments such as insulation, or sound insulation. In case of further use, it is possible to provide modifications for windows, doors, passages, connections for routed pipes, a floor in the form of a bathtub, complete wiring, or “C” fixing profile for external, or internal cladding, even in the embedded form.

The containers are mobile, so it is also possible to dismantle them for relocation. The construction of these containers is made up to the dimensions of 25 × 4.5 × 4.5 m. For containers of sizes 20′, 40′, and 45′ we also provide CSC certification like ISO 668 and ISO 1496, which will ensure the possibility of sea transport. Certifications are especially paying for capacious series of containers.

Air purification units are indispensable in industrial plants. In paint shops, pharmaceutical plants, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, rubber industry, printing, petrochemistry, but also in the production of glass, hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other pollutants such as industrial chemicals, solvents, alcohols, petroleum products may be released into the atmosphere. These substances need to be regulated. The filter units remove them at high temperatures (above 800 °C). As a result, it not only protects the environment but also the quality of the air in the plants and operations themselves.

We design special metal (steel) constructions for filter units (simple or more complex) that burn industrial substances by catalytic or thermal combustion. Individual types differ from each other according to their functions, ie. that, except for combustion, they can be supplemented by various mechanical filters.

Currently, we produce steel structures of combustion filter units, steel structures for placement of “pocket” air filtration, but also circular shut-off valves for air ducts for duct diameters from 700 mm to 1600 mm (temperatures up to 900° C).

Technically insulated containers are the optimum solution for industrial operations. They provide sufficient damping and are therefore the ideal “cover” for noisier devices and equipment. Containers have specially designed steel structures. They also include a soundproofing floor and damped ventilation for installation.

We also focus on the production of acoustic containers for back-up sources, which are motor-generators or containers for cogeneration units.

The project – from detailed design to the subsequent production – we realize according to the client’s requirements, also about concerning the addition of lighting, external equipment, etc. and residential areas.

We provide CSC certifications according to ISO 668 and ISO 1496 for shipping by shipping.

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