We produce all containers according to specific customer requirements in the form of piecemeal production. We are able to produce containers up to 25 x 4.5 x 4.5 m.

For containers measuring 20´, 40´ and 45´ it is possible to provide CSC certification according to ISO 668, ISO 1496 for the possibility of sea transport. This certification is suitable for larger series of containers in terms of cost.

For our own containers, we make adjustments to fully suit other applications, such as openings (doors, windows, passages), flange connections for pipelines, flooring in the form of a bathtub, complete wiring, C fastening profiles for external or internal cladding, even in recessed form. Complete or partial sound insulation, including insulation, is a certainty.

We produce filtration units from simple filters to more complex filtration units in cooperation with an engineering company.

Welded steel structures are manufactured by qualified workers with many years of experience. The designs not only complement our own containers or filtration equipment, but we produce separate designs according to customer requirements.

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Ing. Igor Batir

Ing. Igor Batir

Branch director